How Crowns And Bridges Can Improve Your Oral Health

Ready to find out how crowns and bridges can replace missing or damaged teeth?

A damaged tooth is certainly nothing to ignore. But before you get frustrated by how to handle it, turn to your Orland Park dentists, Dr. crowns and bridgesPhilip Cole, Dr. Robert Stanford and Dr. Jay Lee, to get the restorative treatment you deserve. If you are dealing with a damaged tooth or tooth loss, find out how dental crowns and bridges might be able to help.

Getting Dental Crowns

It’s obvious that a damaged tooth isn’t a healthy one. If your tooth has been cracked or fractured, or if the tooth is severely weak due to decay, trauma or infection, then it’s time you turned to our Orland Park dentist for the proper care. Dental crowns are an easy way to fully restore a tooth’s structure and function.

Getting dental crowns only takes about two to three visits. The tooth is first prepared by shaving some enamel down, so it fits inside the tooth-shaped cap. The treated area will be numbed prior to this preparation, so you won’t feel a thing. If there is not enough healthy tooth structure, filling material may need to be used on the tooth in order to fully support the crown.

Then impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to a dental lab. These impressions are used to make your custom-fitted dental crown. In the meantime, we will fit you with a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Once the crown is complete, you will come back in to have your temporary one removed and to have your new crown fitted, adjusted and cemented into place.

Getting Dental Bridges

While dental crowns can be a lifesaver for damaged or weak teeth, they can also be used to hold a dental bridge in place. A dental bridge is used to fill the gaps left by one or more missing teeth. A bridge contains two dental crowns on either side with artificial teeth affixed in the middle.

The two crowns are placed over healthy, prepared teeth and cemented into place in order to treat tooth loss. Just like with regular crowns, impressions will also need to be taken to make sure your new dental bridge fits perfectly.

Think dental crowns and bridges could improve your smile? Then it’s time you called The Dentistry & Implantology Group of Orland Park. Whether you are looking to schedule your six-month cleaning, or you are interested in the dental restorations we offer, give us a call anytime to learn more.