Root Canals Give Your Teeth a Second Chance

Having a tooth extracted, or pulled, probably doesn't top your list of favorite dental procedures. It may surprise you that today's dentists, including those at the Dentistry & Implantology Group of Orland Park, also prefer other procedures over extractions. While pulling a tooth used to be the best way to stop a dental infection or injury from causing pain or further problems, less invasive procedures like root Root Canalscanals are just as effective and allow natural teeth to remain intact. Read on to learn more:

What does a root canal do?

There are a lot of misconceptions about root canals, and your Orland Park dentists want to set the record straight for both their current and future patients. Root canals, also called endodontic therapy, clean out the inside of a tooth when its tissues have sustained too much damage to be effective any longer. These tissues are replaced with a strong rubber material and topped off with a crown: both of these restorations work together to allow the remaining "shell" of the tooth to continue to function normally.

Why are root canals better than extractions?

Of course, there are always cases your Orland Park dentist sees that may not respond well to a root canal, and an extraction may be the best course of action. However, advancements in dental techniques now means that situations that used to call for extractions are often better solved with a root canal. This is because extractions leave a space in the natural set of teeth that can lead to more problems; the remaining teeth tend to shift when a space is created. Root canals from your Orland Park dentist allow the natural tooth to stay where it should, providing the other teeth with the support they need to remain healthy and stable.

It is important to remember that root canals are treated similarly to cavities - the anesthetic used is the same and the amount of time they take to complete is comparable. If you think you have a tooth that might benefit from a root canal, contact The Dentistry & Implantology Group of Orland Park today for an appointment!