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Problems We Can Fix with Esthetic Dental Crowns

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Dentistry has changed a lot in recent decades and these advances have opened up the door to different applications for traditional dental restorations.

You probably know something about dental crowns and that they're used to protect and strengthen a damaged tooth. But modern crowns are created using state-of-the-art esthetic materials that also restore and improve your appearance!

How Dental Crowns Work

When a tooth is weakened by decay, trauma, teeth grinding or root canal therapy, it needs to be protected and supported to prevent further damage. A crown is designed to completely encase a compromised tooth to restore its form and function.

But today, the focus in dentistry is as much on aesthetics as ...

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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Oral Health?

Your smile is a valuable gift. It imparts warmth, friendliness, and a sense of confidence that all add up to great first impressions.

But if you aren’t happy with the appearance of your smile, you may avoid interactions with friends and business associates because you feel self-conscious.

You are probably already aware that treatments in cosmetic dentistry can give your smile a much-needed improvement, but you may not know that certain treatments also benefit your oral health. Many dental issues that are thought of as purely cosmetic can also have a lasting impact on your overall oral health.

If your teeth are decayed, cracked, incorrectly aligned, or missing altogether, you know you don’t ...

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Thinking about Whitening Your Teeth? 3 Reasons You Should Go for It!

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There is no faster way to give a lackluster smile a boost than with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Forget store-bought treatments; you can spend a lot of time and money and see only minimal results. If you want the fastest, most dramatic results, you are going to need a professional whitening treatment.

Choosing Professional Whitening

You usually have two choices for professional whitening – a focused in-office treatment that produces results in about an hour, or a customized take-home whitening kit that you use at home for about two weeks. Both produce brilliant results and will whiten your teeth by about six shades, so the one you choose depends on ...

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Don't Let Your Teeth Hold You Back from Your Goals

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Dental research is continuously emerging that suggests that “oral health” encompasses a lot more than your teeth. Numerous studies indicate that the health of your smile can also have a significant impact on your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

If your teeth aren’t healthy, you know it, which can make you feel self-conscious. Unfortunately, a lack of confidence is not something you want to take with you when job hunting or meeting new friends or business associates! 

What dental problems are you experiencing that might be holding you back?

  • A dull or discolored smile – Your teeth take a beating, and even in your 20s you may notice that the brightness ...

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Why People Choose Cosmetic Dentistry

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Advances in materials and techniques have made cosmetic dentistry more affordable and therefore available to just about anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy smile. Many people who thought these treatments were a luxury reserved only for celebrities are beginning to understand that they too can achieve a flawless smile!

Cosmetic dentistry is so popular today because it offers numerous benefits:

Improves Overall Oral Health

In many cases, a tooth looks unattractive because it is not healthy. When we restore the health of the tooth with treatments like tooth-colored fillings or esthetic crowns and dentures, we also improve the appearance of your smile.

Increases Self Esteem

You may avoid social situations because you feel embarrassed or ...

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