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What Does a Deep Dental Cleaning Involve?

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If a dentist recently recommended you have a deep dental cleaning, you might feel a bit intimidated. What does a “deep dental cleaning” entail, anyway? As your trusted dentist in Orland Park, IL, we welcome your questions so that we can put your fears at ease.

A deep dental cleaning is designed to save your teeth and prevent the infection that develops due to gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease doesn’t just impact your breath and your smile, it also has a dramatic impact on your heart, kidneys, brain function, and can cause health complications with your unborn baby.

Deep Dental Cleanings

At Orland Oaks Dental, our hygienists are highly-trained professionals ...

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3 Drinks to Avoid for a Healthier, Brighter Smile

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You know all about the types of foods you and your family are supposed to eat to enjoy good oral health. Of course, you should avoid candy and other sweets, and stick to healthy choices like fresh fruits and vegetables. But are you aware of the effect that certain beverages have on your healthy smile?

At Orland Oaks Dental, we want to provide you with excellent dental care and the information you need to support your efforts for a healthier smile. That is why we’re sharing a list of some of the drinks that may be damaging your ...

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The Prominent Role Bacteria Play in Cavities

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How savvy do you think you are you about your oral health? Not just brushing and flossing, but the process that actual process that occurs that causes cavities?

Most of us were taught that sugar causes cavities but not why. If you envision sugar sitting on your teeth, eating away dental enamel, and creating cavities, you’re only partially right. Sugar is just the beginning of the cavity-causing process.

The Role Bacteria Play in Oral Health

As you ingest food and drinks throughout your busy day, a bacteria-filled biofilm called plaque develops on your teeth. Researchers estimate that there are between 500 and 650 different species of bacteria that can live in the oral ...

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3 Tips for Better Flossing

Flossing | Tips for Flossing Orland Park

Do you brush and floss conscientiously but still get cavities? While it’s great that you are making such an effort, if you aren’t flossing correctly, you aren’t getting the most out of your daily routine.

Why Floss?

The purpose of flossing is to remove bacteria-laden plaque and food debris from the spaces between your teeth. This is a common place for cavities to develop because your brush can’t reach all the tiny crevices. When you combine effective flossing with proper brushing techniques, you are less likely to develop cavities.

So how do you get the most out of your routine? Flossing doesn’t need to be a major event, but it does require some ...

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