Dental Implants in Orland Park, IL

Dental Implants in Orland ParkLiving day to day with missing teeth can be challenging.

Aside from causing difficulty eating certain foods, missing teeth can take a toll on your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious enough to want to hide your smile. Historically, a denture or a bridge were used to replace missing teeth; however, these options come with their own challenges. Patients have difficulty keeping bridges clean most of the time and denture wearers experience a steep learning curve, looseness, messy adhesives, and sometimes pain.

Dr. Brian Walczak and Dr. Robert Stanford use dental implants to help many patients make the transition from a life of discomfort and lowered self-esteem to a life filled with the freedom to eat and do what they want with a functional, beautiful smile.

A Healthy Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental implants offer the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. The secret to the success of dental implants is an artificial root that replaces the root of the missing tooth. This replacement root is made from the same medical grade titanium found in modern-day joint replacements.

Replacing the root of a missing tooth is important in maintaining good oral health. When a natural tooth is lost and/or removed, the bone in that area of your jaw tends to resorb over time. This can lead to problems like destabilization of surrounding teeth, crowding, misalignment, and potentially gum disease

Three Steps for Placing a Dental Implant

Orland Park dental implantsLike many non-emergency procedures, dental implants are placed in three steps: 

  1. The first step involves surgically placing the artificial titanium root in the jaw. This is the part of the implant that replaces the root of the tooth. We then allow time for the implant to heal before moving on to the next step of the implant process.
  2. When you return to our office for the second visit, we will check the implant to make sure it has integrated with the bone successfully. If so, our doctors will attach a second piece to the implant called the healing abutment. This will allow the gum to conform and heal around it.
  3. This usually involves some sort of impression and the attachment of a final abutment to the implant, as well as securing your final prosthetic tooth, which may be a crown, bridge, or denture. Our doctors will have talked to you about your options for replacing the part of the tooth that you can see well before the implant placement.

Both Dr. Walczak and Dr. Stanford have extensive training and experience in placing dental implants. Unlike many dentists who advertise dental implants. In many cases, you won't have to deal with visiting a new dentist to have your implant placed. Their experience allows them to complete all steps of the dental implant process right here in our Orland Park, IL dental office.

Personalized Patient Care

No case or patient is the same, and that’s why our team is ready to give you the information and the individual attention you deserve for your unique situation. You will receive a thorough evaluation, detailed treatment information, and a plan to make your decision affordable.

Are you tired of sacrificing your quality of life because of the problems created by missing teeth? Give us a call today to arrange a convenient consultation with one of our skilled doctors.