Root Canal Treatment in Orland Park, IL

Like most people, do you react with dread at the thought of having a root canal?

We’re here to show you that, in the hands of caring professionals, this important procedure can actually be a comfortable, stress-free experience! 

man smiling in dental chair | root canals in orland park ilAt Orland Oaks Dental, our doctors have nearly 40 years of combined expertise in performing comfortable root canals. This experience, along with soothing amenities and the attention of a caring team, assures you of a root canal procedure that’s no more complicated than having a filling placed.

Why Root Canals Are Necessary

There’s no question that the pain of an infected tooth can be overwhelming.

That's why at Orland Oaks Dental we strive to provide same-day appointments for such emergencies. Our doctors would never want you, or anyone else, to suffer in pain. Most of the time, we will not only be able to see you but we can also relieve you of your pain and greatly improve your day.

If you are experiencing intense discomfort, you should know that this is a pretty good indication that something serious is happening inside your tooth that needs to be addressed immediately. Our goal is to get you out of pain and back to full oral health as soon as possible. Remember, root canals don’t cause pain – they relieve it!

Deep in the middle of your tooth is the “pulp,” which contains a nerve and blood vessels that supply it. Toothaches arise from this area becoming infected

We only have two options to treat an infected "pulp." We can either remove the entire tooth, which is usually not the most ideal option, or if you want to save it, a root canal must be completed to cleanse and disinfect the tooth. If we don’t treat the infection, you will, unfortunately, experience continued pain, swelling, and even tooth loss.

Root Canal Diagram | Dentist Orland Park ILDuring a root canal procedure, our doctors gently but thoroughly remove the infection and carefully cleanse and seal the tooth. In the majority of root canal cases, we will recommend a dental crown, or "cap," to protect and strengthen the tooth.

We Put Your Comfort First

Our goal is to ensure that every experience you have with us is comfortable and pleasant. One way we do this is by putting ourselves in your place during your procedure. You will be surprised at the positive impact this approach will have on your dental care!

As part of our mission to make your experience pleasant and comfortable, Dr. Brian Walczak is pleased to offer state-of-the-art sedation dentistry to provide you with a stress-free experience.

We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a mild but effective form of sedation that makes you feel drowsy but doesn’t produce lingering after-effects. If you need a little more help relaxing, Dr. Walczak can prescribe an oral sedative for you to take before your procedure. This method does require you to have a driver to get you to and from your appointment.

We’re also pleased to offer our patients the complete comfort of IV twilight sedation. With this method, you will remain fully awake and able to respond to questions; however, you'll be sleepy and relaxed. Most patients do not remember the procedure or the short period of time following it. 

A Patient Experience Like No Other

The team at Orland Oaks Dental has worked hard to create a comforting atmosphere like no other dental practice you’ve ever visited. We offer anxiety-reducing touches like music, flat screen TVs, pillows, blankets, and warm scented towels 

Our soft-touch dentistry and low-stress environment make each visit comfortable and easy. We are not only experienced professionals, but also friendly, upbeat people dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care you deserve.

Are you ready to experience the difference that true patient-centered care offers? Please call our Orland Park, IL dental office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient consultation so you can learn more about our unique approach to dental care. If you are currently experiencing pain, please call us at (708) 260-6203 now, and we'll get you in to see us as quickly as possible, usually the same day.