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3 Advantages of Choosing Dentures

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As we age, it can be frustrating to deal with the toll that wear and tear takes on our teeth, and you may now find yourself facing problems with worn, broken, or even missing teeth.

A tried-and-true tooth replacement is full or partial dentures because they're a relatively affordable solution that works well for many people. Depending on your age, you may remember the frustration your grandparents experienced with dentures that shifted, slipped, or even fell out at the most embarrassing moments. To make matters worse, back in the day, dentures tended to look fake and almost like they were made for someone else's smile.

Natural-Looking Modern Dentures

Today, state-of-the-art technology and advanced materials allow dentists to create dentures that not only look realistic but also improve your appearance! 

Skilled lab technicians follow detailed specifications to for dentures that complement your facial features and skin and eye color. Artificial teeth are placed individually in a comfortable acrylic base to mimic the shape, size, and positioning of natural teeth. Updated materials and technology allow us to customize your new dentures to fit comfortably and minimize slipping or shifting.

Advantages of Choosing Dentures

Some other reasons to consider state-of-the-art dentures are:

  • Your natural teeth fill out your facial features and prevent your cheeks from taking on a sunken appearance that ages you. When teeth are lost, so is the support for your face, and you will start to look older than your years. Dentures fill out your face and take years off your appearance.
  • Severely damaged or missing teeth cause embarrassment, but when you know your smile looks its best, you exude confidence and make great first impressions in business or social settings.
  • If you want to eliminate any movement of your dentures, you can opt for implant-retained dentures for the ultimate in stability. Your customized dentures are designed with attachments that clip onto implants that are rooted in your jaw. Dental implants hold your dentures firmly in place so you can smile with confidence and enjoy all your favorite foods comfortably.

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