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Have You Fallen for These Oral Health Missteps? We Can Help You Get Back on Track

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Keeping your teeth healthy is really pretty simple; brush, floss, and take care to consume foods and beverages that support oral health.

So why do so many people still have to deal with decay and gum disease? Several factors contribute to these conditions including heredity, but one that tends to come up most frequently is misinformation about the techniques used to follow these simple steps.

For instance, a survey was conducted in conjunction with World Oral Health Day in 2017 that revealed some common myths that are prevalent around the world.

Myth: Brush Teeth Immediately after Eating

This may sound like a good idea, but in reality, brushing right after you eat may actually be damaging your teeth. As you eat, bacteria in your mouth start to break down carbohydrates and produce acid that weakens tooth enamel, and brushing right after eating can cause damage.

Instead, brush before you eat acidic foods if possible, then rinse your mouth with water after your meal.

Myth: Rinse Teeth Immediately after Brushing

The point of using fluoridated toothpaste is to remove food and debris and expose your teeth to fluoride to help strengthen them. If you rinse as soon as you finish brushing, you minimize the time your teeth come in contact with the fluoride.

A better idea is to brush and spit, then wait a few minutes to rinse. Remember your teeth benefit from every moment you keep the toothpaste in your mouth.

Myth: Drink Fruit Juices for Keep Teeth Healthy

The problem with fruit juices is that they are loaded with sugar and acid, a deadly combination for your teeth that both weakens enamel and contributes to decay.

Try to limit your consumption of fruit juices, and opt for a refreshing glass of water instead.

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