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3 Drinks to Avoid for a Healthier, Brighter Smile

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You know all about the types of foods you and your family are supposed to eat to enjoy good oral health. Of course, you should avoid candy and other sweets, and stick to healthy choices like fresh fruits and vegetables. But are you aware of the effect that certain beverages have on your healthy smile?

At Orland Oaks Dental, we want to provide you with excellent dental care and the information you need to support your efforts for a healthier smile. That is why we’re sharing a list of some of the drinks that may be damaging your teeth without your knowledge:

Soda, Especially Colas

These drinks are the worst for your teeth because they are acidic and high in sugar. This is the worst combination because sugar promotes decay, and the acid eats away at your tooth enamel causing dental erosion. Other acidic drinks to avoid are orange juice, clear sodas, and sugary energy drinks.

White Wine

Yes, we said white wine. Like most people, you might think that drinking white instead of red protects you from dental staining. The truth is that even though white wine lacks the pigmentation of red wine, it is high in acid, which etches dental enamel and creates a surface for pigmentation to stick to.

Red Wine

You may already know that red wine is the worst culprit for staining teeth. Red wines also etch your teeth, which leads to staining. You can avoid this by alternating your wine with sparkling water. The carbonation will lightly scrub away the pigmentation that red wine leaves behind. High fiber foods like quinoa and spinach also eliminate some of the stain-producing pigmentations. 

Meeting regularly with your general dentist in Orland Park for routine care and professional cleanings will go a long way toward preventing the damaging effects of these beverages. Please give us a call to schedule your next cleaning!