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Who needs sedation dentistry?

If you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, you might also avoid getting treatment when you need it. Good oral health is about prevention, not only at home but also with regular dental exams sedation dentistry orland park il and cleanings. If you have additional work that needs to be performed, sedation dentistry in Oakland Park might be the answer.

You’re a good candidate for sedation dentistry if this sounds like you:

  • You don’t like the sounds of dental work.
  • You feel stressed or anxious when you have to visit the dentist.
  • You put off dental work, even when you have tooth or gum pain or sensitivity.
  • It’s difficult to eat, chew, or enjoy foods.
  • You’re self-conscious about your smile due to damaged or missing teeth, but avoid getting it fixed. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers different levels of relaxation, depending on your needs. Nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”) reduces anxiety for children and adults alike and wears off immediately. Stronger types of sedation include IV “twilight” sedation and oral sedation, which require someone to drive you home.

If you feel you could benefit from sedation dentistry, don’t hesitate to let our staff know before your appointment. We’ll take your medical history and discuss options that will best fit your needs and treatments. Call our office to schedule.

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